Thursday, April 30, 2009

Happy Number 3, Buddy!

This will be a shorter post than we are used to...textly speaking, anyway.
My heart is full and words escape me...
So, instead, I will share with you some (unedited) photos from the Boy's last day as a Two Year Old.

(Does that mean that the Terrible Twos are over too? Please...)

**This is what it looks like when a very excitable two year old realizes mommy holds all the power. The power of the quesadilla!**
**I am really not as devilish as I look here...Or maybe I am.**
**Just when he mastered the Two Finger answer to the "How old are you?" question from strangers, he goes and turns THREE.***

**No matter hold old I am, I'll always love my sissy!**

Happy Birthday, Buddy. Mommy loves you and I am scared excited to see what an experience your third year will be.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Lesson Learned

I really ought to know better.

I should have seen it coming.

Introducing The Boy to PBR Rodeo on Versus Network during bedtime "quiet time" will not result in him being calm. It will, however, result in him yelling at the television. Yelling things like "go, cowboy, go" and "yeah, yeah, yeah" and "get it, get it, get it". All of which were followed by a resounding "FALL DOWN!!!" and a reenactment consisting of him jumping around on all fours and falling over. And he did NOT last the entire 8 seconds.

Upstaging this cuteness...the five times we had to return him to his bed, all the while convincing him he is not a cowboy...or a bull.

Lesson Learned.

**Yes, I realize this is a short post, and generally speaking, I usually feel this sort of thing should be short, sweet and left as a Facebook status update or a Tweet...but alas, it's been awhile since I showed my blog some love and well, frankly my dear, I just don't give a damn.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Wishing and Hoping

So often lately, I find myself with this thought: "I wish I could attach a little video camera to my kids".

I remember when they were babies, they would do something I thought was amazingly noteworthy and I would think "Oh, isn't that cute!?! I have to tell so-and-so." The problem lied in the re-telling. Replaying the event or little moment verbally never seemed to do it justice--it just wasn't the same as when you were there.

Whether it was the way the Girl would talk to her imaginary dog friend, locking it in the bathroom, telling it she'd be "wight back" or if it was the Boy, laying on his back laughing at American Idol doing frog kicks, going nowhere fast. These images are ingrained in my memory, but I am also sadly aware of all the moments that I have already forgotten, thinking at the time that there was no way they could ever do something cuter or greater than the moment they had just awed me with.

This Easter these thoughts blazed through my head and heart as I watched the way the Girl, all of 11 years old, came down the stairs and gasped when she glimpsed her Easter basket resting up against the new lamb from Build-a-Bear. That wish was there when the Boy just kept breathlessly saying "wow", for the first time in that context, every time he saw something else that just seemed so GREAT. I wonder if I will remember the way he really "got" Easter this year. I wonder how much longer the Girl will "believe".

It saddens me to imagine that some day, these memories may, like so many others, disappear from the recesses of my overloaded brain. In an attempt to postpone that as long as possible, I intend to grab every one of these magnificently breathtaking moments and envelope them in a massive Mama Bear Hug and hold tight hoping with all my heart that they don't wriggle free.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Can I get a "What, what?"

I know...very random.
I am just so excited!!!
Brand spanking new spring green Dell Fabulous Laptop arrived via FedEx today. I am on it now. This very moment.
How. Wonderful.
And freeing! Wow.

Now if I could just get used to all the fancy schmancy buttons, gadgets and lack of a mouse...

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

And Tying for Coolest. Thing. Ever.

Recently my good friend, Erin, and I were graced with the presence of Heather B. Armstrong aka Dooce. (Imagine the name "Dooce" at a booming decibel not unlike the the Great Wizard of Oz: "DDDOOOOCCCEEE!" And then maybe you can understand just how big of a deal this was!) She is on a book tour for her newest release It Sucked and then I Cried, How I had a Baby, a Breakdown and a Much Needed Margarita. (Seriously, does it get better than that??? I think NOT.)

She was more fabulous in person than I could ever have imagined--and believe me I had imagined what it would be like. Not in that stalker kind of way, but I was becoming borderline. And when the moment came and I got to actually meet her, words failed me. I was stuttering along with the best of them and the best I could come up with was "you made me laugh so hard my face hurts!" Which was the most honest thing I could come up with. Bless her heart, she laughed with me. Or maybe it was at me...doesn't really matter.

Between the hairy vagina coin purse she was given as a gift by some freak artist in the audience, the pregnant fan who had her sign her belly, the thorough monologue with her boobs as the topic of discussion and the guy who stood up, said he had never heard of her but his girlfriend is pregnant and she had officially scared the shit out of him, the night was complete. In her defense, she warned him.

I could not have asked for a more perfect Dooce encounter.

That's me, of course, with Dooce herself!!

Erin, who has now popped her Book Signing Cherry. (Yes, that deserved caps. And yes I helped her all I could. *wink*)