Sunday, December 28, 2008

Silly Little Boys

While scrapbooking at my aunt's house this weekend my cousin D was running W-I-L-D.
Apparently he recognized the problem, because the following is a snippet of the conversation that got us all laughing so hard our sides ached.

D: Moooo-ooom!
His mom (annoyed): WHAT?
D (giggling the whole time): Can you give me a chill pill? or two? PLEASE?

Made you laugh.
Have a great Sunday!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A Beastly Conversation

Picture this if you will: Beast cracks up laughing from the bedroom, where the computer is located. I am in the adjoining loft area on my computer where I was loading music on the Girl and my phones for the nine day long trip which includes a 3 day road trip doing some important computer work.

Beast: you HAVE to come see this, they thought of everything!

Me: What are you talking about (no, my annoyance isn't a figment of your imagination, this was like the third time he had interrupted me.)

Beast: TSA, they thought of everything. They have this "Ask Jenn" column where you can ask them anything and they have an instant answer for you.

*A bit of background for you: we were flying out to California the next day and he was checking online for information regarding car seat and stroller restrictions for Alaska Airlines.

Me (as I walk to the room in order to humor him): Please don't tell me you asked if you're allowed to have sex in the bathroom.

Beast (the man actually giggled): Well, uh, sort of. Look!

And here's what I see on the screen:

Guest (this would be Beast of course): Can I join the mile high club?
Jenn: Seeing as I'm virtual, I don't date.

Gotta hand it to them, they did think of everything.

Love Thursday, a Tad Early

Since I'll be out of town visiting family in SoCal (don't be a hater) until the day after Christmas, I wanted to leave you with my Love Thursday post. It's long to cover both Thursdays that I will miss. You're welcome.

This Love Thursday, I am celebrating accomplishments.
I love that I am in a place in my heart and mind that I can acknowledge the good things I do and the things I like about myself, as well as reveling in the warm fuzzies that accompany completion of tasks I take on. This isn't something I've ever been able to do, for fear of sounding conceited, tooting my own horn...well, you get the picture.

I completed the "25 Days of Christmas" altered book for my parents-in-law, complete with photos and embellishments, prior to our trip. This is the first book I have done, and while daunting in it's task, I thoroughly enjoyed making this book. I showed it off to friends without a moment of awkwardness or self-criticism. This has been hard to come by for a very long time.

I am tickled and very happy that I was able to carve time out with my kids and bake dozens upon dozens of holiday cookies. This was the first season that I have felt the drive to do this, had the energy to follow through on my promise to bake and been able to have both my kids' participation. This is also the first time that I haven't felt the burning desire to "just do it myself" because it would be faster or less stressful. I truly enjoyed every second of the time I spent creating, tasting, mixing and baking (of course not in that order) with them. They obviously seemed to enjoy themselves as well. I can't help but be certain that this has brought us all a touch closer. Must be that Christmas magic.

When we went to SoCal for Christmas in 2006, I didn't want to waste the time to put up trimmings we wouldn't be around to enjoy. This decision, mixed with the 80 degree California weather (I enjoyed it, don't get me wrong) made it impossible for me to hold onto any Christmas spirit I might have been able to muster in the first place. This year, having realized this mistake, we put the Christmas tree up and it has made a world of difference. Even though it took us three days to finally get the decorations on the tree, we have enjoyed the brilliance of it every moment since. Since I'm such a perfectionist and more than a little anal retentive, I am proud to also recognize that I haven't moved a single ornament that the kids placed an inch apart, or the same color next to each other, or hanging at the very edge of the branch, etc... The surprising, and most important, fact about this accomplishment is that I haven't wanted to.

Yet with all the holiday busyness, the baking, the decorating, the project completing, the playing in the snow and all the normal day-to-day happenings, I was still able to find the time to relax, enjoy myself and just be spontaneously silly.
And for all of these accomplishments that might seem 'normal' or common to others, for me, they have been a constant struggle. I'm not afraid or embarrassed to admit these things. And for that sole reason...I am proud.
My Christmas wish for you: take time out to be silly, stay up late to enjoy those cookies without worrying that your ass will suffer the consequences and just enjoy this time with your families.
See you back here after Christmas. I hope you have the best one yet.

Wordless Wednesday

This is what happens when we leave them with the sitter.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Greeblemonkey Photo Contest

***UPDATED (AGAIN): All of this taken into consideration, you all are still famous in my eyes. You're welcome E. Feel better now? Geesh. You may be letting the fame go to your head. I'll have to keep an eye on you.
**UPDATE: I didn't make the finalists, but you should still go here: and vote for one of the photos that did. Maybe next time...

Well, this will be a first - and yes, it does make me nervous.
Greeblemonkey is hosting a photo contest this month with no topic. This will be my very first keep those wicked fingers and toes crossed ladies...hopefully you are about to be famous! *Don't worry, we won't let it go to your heads. Meh!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

I Always Keep My Promises, Burnham Style

This afternoon, I had the greatest pleasure of finally shooting the Burnham Family's Christmas Photos. I was beginning to worry this shoot would never take place. "Why?" you ask. And you know you were asking. I'll tell you why. Mrs. Burnham, aka My Creative Director and Close, Personal Friend, is normally very camera shy, as is Mr. Burnham - so convincing them that this really was a good idea took a tad bit of work, not a lot, just a tad. Then there were the weeks of wardrobe contemplation (though I have to admit, I am anal retentive so this would have been difficult for me as well), several borderline-manic text messages, a shopping expedition (there's nothing I won't do for a great shoot, and a friend), and last minute scheduling changes due to my pending vacation.

It was all worth it:

(polaroid effect courtesy of

(effect courtesy of

(Mini-Burnham kissing Burnham Bun-in-the-Oven)

And this post would be completely incomplete if not for this next picture.

Subject Beware: it's now policy that if you LET the photographer take the picture, and especially if you redo the act to LET the photographer take the picture, you can't COMPLAIN about the picture. M...kay?

Late but Worth the Wait, Bates Style

You are getting two posts from me tonight you lucky dogs, you!

I had a photo shoot for a close friend and her family this morning and after completing this session, I realized that I never posted the Bates Family Photo Shoot!

How dare I?!?

So, without further ado...I bring you the Bates Family.

I had the fantastic opportunity to shoot the lovable Bates Family this fall. We were lucky enough that the leaves and weather hung on for us a touch longer than normal here in the Pacific Northwest.
You may recognize Mrs. Bates from her previous Trash the Dress sessions with me (or not, as I haven't posted those pictures yet EITHER! Holy crow, I'm behind), as well as Baby "Godzilla" Bates from his personal session (which you can see on Flickr, see link in sidebar), this was the first opportunity I have had to photograph them family style. We had a wonderful, though cold, experience at a favorite site and the pictures turned out wonderfully. I don't just say so myself, I've been told. Heh!

Here are a few of their shots:

(polaroid effect courtesy of

(cross processing effect courtesy of

I am enamored with these photos and Baby Godzilla's cheeks. He was a complete ham, and thoroughly enraptured with his repeated attempts at tasting those crispy fall leaves. Mom and Dad were fun-blockers on that one, rightly so.

I truly look forward to being honored enough to photograph them again.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Love Thursday - a Different Spin on Things

Excerpt from Language of Letting Go:
"One of our choices is choosing what we want to think - using our mental energy positively.
Positive mental energy, positive thinking, does not mean we think unrealistically or revert to denial. If we don't like something, we respect our own opinion. If we spot a problem, we're honest about it. If something isn't working out, we accept reality. But we don't dwell on the negative parts of our experience.
Whatever we give energy to, we empower.
There is magic in empowering the good, because whatever we empower grows bigger. One way to empower the good is through affirmations: simple positive statements we make to ourselves: I love myself...I'm good enough...My life is good...I'm glad I'm alive today...What I want and need is coming to me...I can...
Our choice is not whether to use affirmations. We've been affirming thoughts and beliefs since we were old enough to speak. The choice is WHAT WE WANT TO AFFIRM."

Leaving you with those thoughts to ponder, while I try to love myself a little more on this Love Thursday. I believe I can...

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Mocos are Yummy! aka Posts You Should Never Have the Material to Write!

Disclaimer: The following video was taken in the normal progression of an evening in the McGlocklin household. Said video was shot by Beast, as he is the only witness with presence of mind to document future blackmail material a funny home video for public personal use. This was taped about a minute after it actually started. Thankfully, the camera is always primed and ready.

This is the funniest (and almost the most inappropriate) 33 seconds in our household this evening. Enjoy.

Translation for our non-Spanish speaking readers: Mocos = Boogers and is a term that was taught to The Girl by some old friends who now live in Italy (ahem...we miss you K and R). Hey, gimme a break, a toddler bellowing "Mommy, look MOCOS!" in the middle of a crowded store is way more polite than the alternative "Mommy, look BOOGERS!" It's inevitable either way, so why not camouflage it a little, right?

Saturday, December 6, 2008

A Day in the Life

The Boy is nestled in our bed watching Finding Nemo for the gazillionth time on the mini-dvd player while football plays in the background for Beast...nothing like killing two birds with one stone, eh?

I hear The Boy yell at the top of his lungs "DORA!!! Git back here!"
Never mind that he has the name wrong and it should be Dory, how funny and cute is that?

Beast, hearing my chuckle from outside the room, informs me that the other day when The Boy watched Nemo for the whatever time (what's one less than gazillionth?) that he overheard him screech at the top of his 2 1/2 year old lungs, as powerful as they are, "Don't kiss the butt!"

Probably one of my favorite lines in the whole movie. Yours too now, I'll bet.

Monday, December 1, 2008


Oh, Starbucks, my sweet, sweet, love.

Last week, I had my coffee-versary. Well, sort of. It was the anniversary of my coffee addiction. No, it wasn't the first time I had coffee, but it was certainly the turning point of my dependence upon it for remaining calm in tough and tiring situations, enabling me to go days without biting off the head of some poor, unsuspecting soul.

I was always the "Hot Chocolate with Mint" kind of girl. I despised even the smell of anything coffee related. Much less was I going to drink the crap. In fact, the Beast suffered at my unrelenting unwillingness to make coffee for him. Poor Beast.

I take it all back. I sincerely do.

It started with the Cinnamon Dulce Latte brought to me by an eager friend. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't addicting...sort of take-it-or-leave-it but a nice treat once in a while, it's innocence overwhelmed my need for consumption.

Then at Midnight Madness on Thanksgiving, another dear friend introduced me to the Peppermint Mocha. It's been all down hill from there. That Peppy Mocha, as I so lovingly refer to it, can be very persuasive.

Now, don't get me wrong. I don't have to drink one every day, but really, it's better for your safety and my sanity if I do. On the days I don't, stay out of my way. Or, better yet, why don't you pick one up for me. Grande, non-fat, no whip Peppermint Mocha---and NOT, I repeat, NOT the Peppermint Mocha Twist. (They went and messed with a good thing. But I digress, that's a post for another time--only love in this one!)

Happy Coffee-versary to ME!

Friday, November 28, 2008


It seems we have an overachiever in our midst.
Oh, yes, The Boy is officially in Stage Two of the McGlocklin/Bright Smart Ass Training Program. While The Girl exceeded our expectations, The Boy is a student to be reckoned with.
While letting the tryptophan sink into our blood after enjoying a deliciously sublime Thanksgiving dinner (that I didn't have to cook!) at my mom's house, The Boy was comatose intently watching Star Wars: The Clone Wars on the portable DVD player in the packed living room. Here is the conversation that was heard, gasped at, then laughed about afterward:

Beast: some Smart Ass comment intended to "test" The Boy's Smart Ass Training skills, a 'pop quiz' if you will. What it was, I really can't remember. It doesn't matter.
Me (looking at the Boy): Tell Daddy to "zip it" (after all, I am one of his Instructors in the Program).
The Boy: Bip It, Daddy!!!
Beast and the rest of the room gasp and laugh in stricken horror amazement at his skill level.
The Boy: Go Away! Out of Jacob's house! Go Away!

I have to say, while I KNOW we will regret this later, that kid was hilarious. We didn't see that coming AT ALL. This single dialogue skyrocketed him out of Stage One and straight to the middle of Stage Two of the McGlocklin/Bright Smart Ass Training Program. We really couldn't be more proud!

You may wonder where The Girl was during this exchange...she is bored with his progress as she is fully aware she has set the bar very high in this particular program. She challenges him to just try to reach it.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Giving Thanks

Today, I am thankful for:

  • My family and the joy they bring me
  • The good health of my children and the fact that they can crack me up every single day, thus proving that everything will be alright after all.
  • That I can recognize this too shall pass, and it usually does
  • My regained courage to take control of my life and truly make it something I want to keep living
  • My friends and the knowledge that they certainly bring understanding, love and laughter to my life on a constant basis

Thank you!
*I know, this post is totally cliche but really, I am quite thankful for all that I have been allowed to receive in this lifetime and for everything yet to come.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Love Thursday

While scrapbooking at my grandmother's house several weekends ago, The Girl got bored and ventured outside to take some photos with my camera.

Here is what I discovered once I uploaded them.

The Girl is certainly creative. She took some great photos that day which I will share another time.

Wordless Wednesday

Okay, this is my first attempt at Wordless Wednesday. I originally discovered WW on Good Mom/Bad Mom (see Blog list) and love the idea. I know this post is supposed to be "wordless" but I didn't want everyone to think I had lost my marbles (again).

So, there you have it. Feel free to leave YOUR Wordless Wednesday in the comments.

Tomorrow: Love Thursday, originally located at Shutters Sisters, now moved to Chookooloonks blog.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Sleep is Overrated

I suppose it happens to all of us at some point.

That day where you realize you've stopped getting even 4 hours of consecutive, peaceful sleep and you feel lucky if you don't lay there for 45 minutes trying to fall asleep in the first place.

For many of us it can be attributed to something tangible: a new baby, pregnancy, a noisy neighbor, you get the idea. Then there are those of us that have this problem for a different reason.

And it seems I am not alone. I was chatting with a close friend today, let's call her CD, about this very issue. She can't sleep either. It's not just getting to sleep that is the problem, but staying asleep as well. Her girl, like The Boy, doesn't like to sleep at night. She really misses the 12 hours of sleep she used to get. After CD lays awake for hours in her own bed, then finally falls asleep, her Girl wakes up several times throughout the night. In addition to that, she is a little over halfway through her second pregnancy and is very uncomfortable to begin with.

In my case, it's The Boy. He goes down okay now, after a rough time getting him was touch and go there for a bit, but wakes up in the middle of the night too. In addition to that, I can't fall asleep to save my life. I used to be the girl that as soon as her head hit the pillow, I was OUT. It drove the Beast crazy with jealousy. Now, forget it. I have to veg in front of the tv until I wake up slouched over on the couch in the wee hours of the morning, then carry myself to bed, only to lay there listening to the bumps in the night for a good half hour before finally waking up to the Boy deciding he isn't tired any longer.

Here's the big question. Why is it that as soon as we get in a good routine and rhythm we can all handle, the toddlers go and change it up on us? Do they conspire against us at play dates? I can see it now, them in the corner munching on cheerios talking amongst themselves in that babble we like to refer to as "not English", all the while, plotting against us with a we'll show them attitude. Hmmm.

I would love to read your answer to that question, because at this point, I got nothin'!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Kindergartners are Hilarious!
You can just never get enough, right?
I had the cutest little conversation with my pint sized cousins today. They are two vivacious little girls in kindergarten (hence, the title of this post--work with me here, OK? it's been a long weekend!). While eating birthday cake and ice cream at an aunt's house, I made small talk with the miniature beauties (let's call them H and J shall we?). I am SO glad I did. Here is how the conversation went.

Me: So, Girls, how is kindergarten?
J: Good. I love it.
H: Fun.
Me: Do you like your teachers?
J: Yes. She's nice.
H: No. She's mean.
Me: Ohhh. H, why is she mean?
H: Well, we have PE in the same room as lunch and we were doing PE. I like doing PE. We get to play lots of sports.
Me (encouragingly): Mmm hmmm.
H: Well...Here comes the "bad teacher" part. (yes, she actually did air quotes while rolling her bright blue eyes)

The conversation went for a little longer while I tried to sympathize without sounding condescending or like I was trying not to pee myself with laughter. They spend a good five minutes trying to teach me how to pronounce J's teacher's name, and J correcting H and me whenever we got it wrong. We never did get to the bad teacher part so I asked her.
Me: Hey, H. Why is she a bad teacher?
H: She just is. She tells us no a lot.

The whole time, J is just nodding her head like she knew this all along and agrees whole-heartedly with H.

I love having conversations with kindergartners. Everything is SO serious.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Not Funny at All

Tonight was a rough night on the home front. The Girl is a tween, have I mentioned? And life with a tween is not easy going and while I am sure that most of what I experience is not mine alone, that there are others out there experiencing the same difficulties, I can't help but be afraid of how much worse it's going to get and wonder how to reign it in.*
*Boy, that got deeper and more serious than I intended, so now I'm a touch worried that this next part will come off as insensitive instead of funny as I originally intended. Well, at that risk here's how the conversation went this evening.

The Girl and I got in a pissing match for the umpteenth time and I lost my cool, sent her to her room and told her that when she stopped crying like I'd severed an arm she is more than welcome to come back down and talk to me rationally about the situation. She did.

Me: So, why do you feel the need to talk to me like that.
The Girl: I was just trying to talk to you about my feelings.
Me: that's good, but talking to me in that tone, only makes me mad.
The Girl: I wanted to get all my feelings out, Mom. I HAVE A LOT OF FEELINGS!

Yes, I stifled the laugh that almost burst from my lips, because if you could have seen the look on her face...well, anyway. Yes, for you uber-softies, we did talk it out rationally, but the pattern is frustrating. If you don't have a tween or have never had a tween or spent a lot of time with a tween, you won't fully comprehend. I assume it's a girl thing.

God help us.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A Series of Unfortunate Events

Go figure.
No sooner do we get The Boy into a proper bedtime routine where he has succumbed to our powers of nocturnal persuasion, stays in his bed and no longer enters ours at ungodly hours of the night, than he decides to throw us for a loop. Such is life with a two and a half year old.

While waiting for him to come to his senses and fall asleep, I was killing time editing and downsizing my digital photo files. I ran across these and I snickered and quickly covered my mouth with my hand so as not to disturb the little devil angel. And,the wonderful mother that I am, I am posting them here for you to see!

Aw, what a cute little bunny!

Haha! Look, we put it on his butt. He wasn't happy loved it!

What could possibly beat this priceless image?

Oh, yes, THAT! What a sweet bunny "tail"!

I no longer ask myself why he feels the need to retaliate.

Ah, but it was worth it!

Monday, November 10, 2008


SIGH Picture that as a GIANT sigh of relief, breathe in, hold it and release. Ah. Feels good doesn't it?

Do you know what else feels good?
After over two weeks of relentless resume sending and job hunting with the occasional oh-god-there-is-nothing-out-there-for-me inner tantrums, I finally got a sliver of satisfaction today. I look forward to the experience on Thursday with fingers, toes and everything in between crossed that I at least interview well. That is not my forte, and it scares the hell out of me. But, my fantastic support system has my back all the way, this I know. So, onward and upward, right? Right. Heh!

In addition to the aforementioned sliver of satisfaction, I completed the editing of an important photo session tonight. I had the distinct pleasure of shooting the Saidy family a few weeks ago. This group was fantastic. Not only were they patient with me as I ran them back and forth across the crackly fall leaves of our neighborhood park, but they entertained me as well. They were a fun loving family, and you could tell by their constant banter that they are a tight knit group. There were a few family members missing, and this shoot was for one of them in particular. They all dressed up in Seahawks gear and gave me their best smiles, stories and, I meant laughter. Here, see for yourself:

(Polaroid effect courtesy of

(black and white, reduced saturation & added diffuse glow)

I hope they don't get mad that you got a sneak peek! They will get all their complete session tomorrow afternoon. I look forward to hearing what they think and shooting this family again.

Ahhh. Now onto the TTD Fall shoots that have not yet been completed. I thank my lovely models for their patience...and you...I know you want to see too.

Until then...

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Open Letter of Apology

Dear Sesame Street, Big Bird, et al:

We know you are missing a vital member of your morning show. Let me apologize before I explain.

We are very, very, very, sorry.
It seems that there was a minor miscommunication among our household. When we asked to 'borrow' that cute, furry, little red monster, Elmo, so that our cute, non-furry, little dude could, um, zip him on for All Hallows Eve festivities, we had every intention of returning him in the condition he was borrowed. However, thru no fault of our own, we are unable to do so.

Please see the CSI photo below.

Maybe it was the m&m's, or the pixie sticks, or well, lack of self control, but this little monster clearly had TOO MUCH SUGAR. I looked all over for a tag that would warn us, a disclaimer of sorts, that upon eating said sugar he would run in circles until he hit the wall and well, end up like this. Alas, no such tag or disclaimer was found. How could we have known that this was his first time trick-or-treating? Hmm?

Let's face it, I would call this bad parenting. Blame Big Bird, or Grover, or - dare I say it? - one of the strange humans you have running around that place. May I suggest a background check in the future? Maybe verify some sort of parenting experience when you hire on a new human or monster.

Anywho...we'll return him, just as soon as we figure out how to scrape his furry little body off the floor and shove him in a box. Any suggestions for getting his mouth to close?

Our efforts have been unsuccessful.
So, in closing, thanks for letting us 'borrow' him. And, uh, I'm sure he'll be good as new in no time.
The McGlocklin Family

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Pumpkin Patch

Yes, I realize these are a little overdo, but cut a girl a break. It has been a difficult week and well, I haven't felt like raining my melancholy mood on everyone else.

So...look at these and be in a better mood!
Like me!
(that was totally believable, right?)

Jeez, they are so adorable. I really know how to make 'em.
...I suppose Beast should get some of the credit.

Thursday, October 23, 2008


It amazes me how in a blink of an eye your world can turn upside down. Though, when I look back on my life, this is not something that should amaze me anymore, yet somehow it always does.
And then in a series of events it's right side up again, like nothing ever happened.
Here's my series:
  • allowing myself to accept that "someone I know" has become "someone I knew" and finally hitting "send"
  • receiving an incredibly supportive email from a friend who is more special than you could ever imagine, giving me further hope that everything happens for a reason
  • being sent a barrage of loving, supportive text messages from the people who matter
  • then seeing this:
Thank you, Friends.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

TTD: Fall

Our first official TTD: Fall photo shoot was on the 11th and it was FANTASTIC! We had SO much fun. This was a favorite for many of the girls, the creative director and me. The models were shamelessly creative and amazing. I even got to shoot two new models! It was very exciting to experiment with them as well as the experienced girls.

We shot on a beautifully clear fall day at Legion Memorial Park in Everett. Even though it was sunny it was very chilly but the girls kept themselves warm by huddling together under a blanket (that is what you were doing under there, right ladies?) when they weren't climbing trees and laying in crunchy autumn leaves. We even had a minor disagreement with a train...well almost.

Here are a few pictures, you can find more over on flickr.

Okay, now head on over to flickr and check out the rest. (*insert shameless bid for attention here!)

p.s. I'm getting good at the bids for attention, I think.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Yummy for my Tummy

I love Sixlets.
I love their chocolatey-candy-coated-yumminess.
(I know, this is a very random post. But I had to share with you how much I love Sixlets.)
They are that candy for me that I only buy when I see it, because otherwise they are forgettable--and underestimated.
My mom used to get these at the gas station when I was a little kid, and I would always think to myself "self, I should have picked those yummy looking Sixlets instead of m&m's". Not that I don't love m&m's, we have a very satisfying relationship, but it's just not they are just not Sixlets. AndSixlets are so HARD TO FIND!! Which probably plays into my love for them.
Thank god for Halloween and it's random candy finding goodness.
At first glance you might think "huh, aren't they basically round m&m's?"
No, my friends, they are NOT basically round m&m's. They are SIXLETS.
Yummy-for-my-tummy Sixlets.
No-I-will-not-share-with-you Sixlets.
They-are-MINE-ALL-MINE Sixlets.
(I need to find another hobby cuz this is getting a little ridiculous, don't you think?)
I'm sure you do. What is your NO-I-WILL-NOT-SHARE-WITH-YOU-MINE-ALL-MINE candy? I know you have one. What is it?

Friday, October 17, 2008


I ran across the following in a book I am reading called "The Language of Letting Go". I am not trying to have anyone read the book or anything like that, but this entry meant something deeply personal to me and I thought I would share since you all mean something deeply personal to me as well.

Being Honest with Ourselves
Our relationship with ourselves is the most important relationship we need to maintain. The quality of that relationship will determine the quality of our other relationships.

When we can tell ourselves how we feel, and accept our feelings, we can tell others.
When we can accept what we want and need, we will be ready to have our wants and needs met.
When we can accept what we think and believe, and accept what's important to us, we can relay this to others.
When we learn to take ourselves seriously, others will too.
When we learn to chuckle at ourselves, we will be ready to laugh with others.
When we have learned to trust ourselves, we will be trustworthy and ready to trust.
When we can be grateful for who we are, we will have achieved self-love.
When we have achieved self-love and accepting our wants and needs, we will be ready to give and receive love.
When we've learned to stand on our own two feet, we're ready to stand next to someone.

Today, I will focus on having a good relationship with myself.

So, my friends, take from that what you will, and thanks for letting me share.

Thursday, October 16, 2008


Here is what I heard over the phone when the Girl's key wouldn't work in the front door lock and she was waiting for Beast to get there and help a girl out.

Me: so tell me something funny that happened at school today while we wait for dad to get there.

Girl: nothing really funny happened today. OH!Dad's here.

*two seconds later I hear the following over the receiver*

Beast: Little Girl, how many times have I told you you can't live here?

Girl: Whatever Dad. Bye mom. Love you.

Yes, I giggled uncontrollably and shook my head.
Yes, I am now sharing with you.
I like you.
Plus, I'm pretty sure you'll laugh.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Wow how the last week has slipped thru my selfish, time wasting fingers. I promised the story of TTD: McCollum and I have not followed thru! My apologies.

The beautiful ladies featured below showed up in the pouring rain and about 50 degree weather, half dressed mind you, to allow me to take their picture. These are a bit more urban, dark and melancholy and quite different from the inaugural shoot, but I have gotten a lot of positive feedback from it.

In no way did the McCollum shoot resemble the shoot we originally planned, but a good time was had by all, I think (hope?). The girls were beautiful -- even soaked to the bone and they were real troopers thru the soggy ground and giant raindrops.

With the Pacific Northwest weather turn, the daylight changes as well. We lost light REALLY quickly and shot until we got flooded out. Literally. The creek rose and we ran!

And I found creativity in a very close, trusted friend who we jokingly refer to as my 'Creative Director' is no joke. Without her, half of the shots from TTD: McCollum would not be nearly as interesting as they are.

My heartfelt THANKS to everyone involved.

Next up: TTD Fall, shot at Legion Park and Marine Drive train tracks on Saturday, October 11th. Soon...I promise (but we know how that goes...)

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Trash the Dress: McCollum Park

Without further ado (and because I am so excited) here are a few pictures of the latest Trash the Dress session. It poured rain the whole time! The ladies were such troopers. We shot until we lost all light and got flooded out...more to come on that later...for now, here are some of the pictures I prematurely sent the girls. Enjoy.

*Alexis and Heather*
*Alexis * *Heather*


Friday, October 3, 2008


Our weather was just plain weird here yesterday, but this is what was produced.

Though, now that I think about it out loud, yesterday's weather was pretty typical for the Pacific Northwest, rain then sun, followed by showers, then sun, then sprinkles --and 60 degrees the whole time.

And the unpredictability just adds to how much I love finding the rainbow on a day like that.
*I realize this isn't the best photo ever, but it's what my phone could do...don't judge! Heh.