Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Doth Mine Eyes Deceive Me?

A Wordless Wednesday and a Love Thursday all in the same week!?!
Yup, that's right. Seeing is believing!
It could be said that I am having a productive week, being all attentive to your needs.
Or...I am feeling guilty about not having given my best effort to my poor blog and bloggy followers (there are a few of you out there I think).
Either way...YOU WIN!

Technically, this is a Love Thursday post.
Technically, I am writing it on Wednesday.
I am not into technicalities, so you'll take it. And you'll like it!

The Beast planned a sweetly romantic outing on Valentine's Day which I tried to ruin because I hate surprises. We had a picnic at a nearby beach park that Beast found by putting his super investigative powers to good use. While we were walking along the beach we happened upon a shelter of sorts. It was apparent to us that teenagers most likely built it, but damn those teenagers are talented! I, of course, go nowhere without a camera (count your blessings) and was lucky enough to take too many a few photos.

Rear view snicker as we stumbled upon this awesome shack:
Full Frontal snicker again:
The requisite 'self timer' photo (we don't have many of us that we both like so YAY!):

It's all in the details:
And a true Love Thursday (Beast now understands why I have sidewalk chalk in my camera bag-he'll never doubt my sanity again):

Love Thursday to all. Give yourself a little love this time around, ok snicker, giggle, snicker?

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Erin said...

Awwww. For Valentine's Day, I got take out Chinese (which actually, was TOTALLY what I wanted) and a private viewing of Death Race (which actually, I totally could have done without. But whatever. I got Chinese food.) Beast rocks.