Sunday, September 21, 2008

Are you tough enough?

The Boy got moved to a big boy bed about two weeks ago. We have been pretty lucky to have had several easy nights. But today...oy. Let me tell you about today. Today, he got out of bed about 15 times...not an exaggeration, I promise...and that was nap time! Then cried for about a half hour until I realized there was no way I was winning this one. I got him up and out of the house for the rest of the things we had to get done today. He inevitably fell asleep in the car.

We went about the rest of our day just fine...Until bedtime tonight.

We started the normal bedtime routine at 8, as, well, ...normal. It's 9:23 right now and I just deposited him in his bed. Can you guess how THAT went?? Can you? Yeah, pretty much the same as nap time today. After the 12th time of pretending I was Jo on Super Nanny (love her, don't you?) he started crying. Yes, crying. And not JUST crying, but it went like this-- in his cutest little 2 year old boy voice "I sit down Mama couch, hhuuuhh, huuuhhh." On repeat.
The direct translation: I am going to win this battle, you already know it. So you might as well stop this charade, take me downstairs to the couch, wrap me in a blanket and watch TV until I fall asleep in your arms, making you very sweaty in the process, because I MUST be wrapped in the warmest blanket EVER. And as soon as I do fall asleep, you will look down at my angelic face and think how could you ever be annoyed with me...I'm so sweet. Then you will hold your breath and very carefully remove your butt from the couch while not changing my position in the slightest. You will carry me upstairs and put me in by bed, tell me you love me and walk out the door with a sigh of relief.

That kid is good I tell ya. Does he know me or what? I think that deserves the "I played Mama" award for the day. It's my own fault. I know this...but at some point, as a mom, you just KNOW when your kid is in no way going to calm down enough to go to sleep. They know you know that you know it. Well played Boy.

On the other hand, the Girl did a great 10 year old thing today. A very responsible 10 year old thing. She has a book report due at the end of the month, the first in her 5th grade year. She chose to read her book today instead of playing her DS on the car ride to my cousin's wedding this afternoon. This is amazing for two reasons. 1: she ALWAYS chooses the DS over just about anything. 2: She did it without telling me. Beast (the hubby) taps me on the leg and does that head nod thing where he wants me to look in the backseat. So I do, without letting the Boy or the Girl see, since I'm not sure which one he is referring to. And what do I see??? The Girl is reading. Yes, reading and the DS? Lying next to her on the seat.

I have to say, I was impressed. We let her know it too, and watched her swell with pride. Ah. A good parenting moment, right there, huh? Makes you all warm inside, doesn't it?

So, now that both rugrats are fast asleep I am leaving you with this tonight and I am going to go eat M&M's and watch True Blood. Ah, the joys of parenthood. True Blood is my award for being tough enough to survive bedtime twice in one day.


the 4 Bs said...

you are The Mom. good for you. i'm especially proud of The Girl. i'm sure The Boy will follow suit.

too bad the weekend is over already.


Heidi said...

Hey you!!! You made a comment and I had no idea who it was so I'm laughing that it is YOU! Now I can stalk you too. :)