Thursday, September 11, 2008

Welcome to myself

Well, this is a first. And I'm not really sure where to start so bear with me. If this sucks, keep it to yourself.

I never imagined myself tuning into the blogging world. I have to admit now though, that not only do I frequent several blogs on a daily basis, but the enthusiasm, wonder, honesty and inspiration I have found in each and every one of them really has impacted my outlook on life.
I'll start with my most recent events I suppose, and we'll just go backward from there! HA.

Recently, as some of you may know, I decided to start a new endeavor. As a wedding coordinator and a photographer (though not just of weddings!).
I have always been in love with my position behind a camera lense. It started when I was a kid really. I remember taking roll after roll of pictures on my little 110 camera (remember those?) and then a 35mm. I took pictures more than I could afford to develope them, as a matter of fact, I never did catch up. So, now that I found a digital that I LOVE (it's my 3rd one) I am dabbling in the idea of putting my passion to work. And actually making money at it, so that's always a bonus. A couple weekends ago, 7 of my friends volunteered to do a trash the dress session. The dresses ranged in formality from daytime dresses to an altered wedding dress of a divorcee. It was fantastic! We took pictures around Seattle for about 7 hours. The girls went into it knowing it was a learning/test shoot for me to build my portfolio and for them to get some really cool pics of themselves for free. Win/win, right? Right!
We started at the Fremont Troll, made our way to the "Waiting for the Interurban" statues, JP Patches tribute, Gasworks Park and finished up at the fountain in Seattle Center. This was an enormous undertaking for me and it really boosted my confidence in my photography skills. I am still learning with every shoot that I do, and I am loving it.

So, all of that said...enjoy a few of my favorite shots:

So, there you go. My first complete post. I will certainly share more though I am scared to death to do so...
Let me know what you think...or don't, that's up to you.


the 4 Bs said...

your very first comment!

totally cool. i love it! be sure to let all of the lovely ladies in the photos know that they are famous now.


Victoria said...

Wow! As a wedding freak I love what you do but these photos are amazing! You do great work!

Very cool. Good luck and thanks for reading!!!