Saturday, December 13, 2008

Late but Worth the Wait, Bates Style

You are getting two posts from me tonight you lucky dogs, you!

I had a photo shoot for a close friend and her family this morning and after completing this session, I realized that I never posted the Bates Family Photo Shoot!

How dare I?!?

So, without further ado...I bring you the Bates Family.

I had the fantastic opportunity to shoot the lovable Bates Family this fall. We were lucky enough that the leaves and weather hung on for us a touch longer than normal here in the Pacific Northwest.
You may recognize Mrs. Bates from her previous Trash the Dress sessions with me (or not, as I haven't posted those pictures yet EITHER! Holy crow, I'm behind), as well as Baby "Godzilla" Bates from his personal session (which you can see on Flickr, see link in sidebar), this was the first opportunity I have had to photograph them family style. We had a wonderful, though cold, experience at a favorite site and the pictures turned out wonderfully. I don't just say so myself, I've been told. Heh!

Here are a few of their shots:

(polaroid effect courtesy of

(cross processing effect courtesy of

I am enamored with these photos and Baby Godzilla's cheeks. He was a complete ham, and thoroughly enraptured with his repeated attempts at tasting those crispy fall leaves. Mom and Dad were fun-blockers on that one, rightly so.

I truly look forward to being honored enough to photograph them again.


Anonymous said...

I love this shoot! It makes me so sad that we didn't do a fall shoot! I just love the colors and everything turned out "perfect"

Erin said...

Man that baby's cute. I'm glad he's mine! Thank you again for our shoot. I couldn't have dreamed that it would turn out any better. Even Godzilla cooperated! Except for the leaf eating but at least it made for good pictures!