Sunday, December 7, 2008

Mocos are Yummy! aka Posts You Should Never Have the Material to Write!

Disclaimer: The following video was taken in the normal progression of an evening in the McGlocklin household. Said video was shot by Beast, as he is the only witness with presence of mind to document future blackmail material a funny home video for public personal use. This was taped about a minute after it actually started. Thankfully, the camera is always primed and ready.

This is the funniest (and almost the most inappropriate) 33 seconds in our household this evening. Enjoy.

Translation for our non-Spanish speaking readers: Mocos = Boogers and is a term that was taught to The Girl by some old friends who now live in Italy (ahem...we miss you K and R). Hey, gimme a break, a toddler bellowing "Mommy, look MOCOS!" in the middle of a crowded store is way more polite than the alternative "Mommy, look BOOGERS!" It's inevitable either way, so why not camouflage it a little, right?

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Anonymous said...

Thats disgusting! Its hilarious how his laugh is almost tormenting to everyone else!