Saturday, January 3, 2009

Shutter Sisters: Superhero Photo Challenge

Shutter Sisters, an blog addiction of mine, has issued their newest Superhero Photo Challenge. I just love this challenge every time they do it. This time it is weather based.

This photo was a happy accident, which is always the best kind. Before Christmas this year, we took a little ride on the Polar Express from Williams, Arizona to the North Pole. This is a shot I took of a stationary train next to the track right before boarding. I love how mystical and nostalgic it is.

Share your winter picture with me and the rest of the Shutter Sisters at or here in the comments section.

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Heather said...

I'm a blogger retard. I have a picture for you...but I have no idea how to share it. I tried to copy & paste it in your comments but that didn't work. And I hit your button thingy and that sent me on a wild goose chase. I'm really not sure what to do...please help...and yes my windows taste like cherry today.