Thursday, October 2, 2008

Say It with Me! **Updated for clarification because this blogger is an idiot...

**It was brought to my attention that I might have been a tad unclear on the whole 'owner' and 'permission' thing below...yeah, I haven't actually talked to them yet...I'm kinda hoping that a bunch of girls in formals and a photographer standing in front of them practically begging will be enough pressure for them to say yes without putting us in the sights of their shotgun and yelling "off my property or I'll shoot!"...that only happens in movies, right? Right? RIGHT?

Remember the old school yard rain song? You know the one..."rain, rain go away"?

Well, here's mine for today...

Rain, rain, go away.
Come again on Saturday.
Dana and the models want to play!
So stay away on Friday.

Say it with me and dance a little; maybe we'll get lucky for the photo shoot.

Love and rainy hugs...

Wish for no snakes at this location tomorrow.

Oh, and that the owner is cool with us trespassing.
Though, is it really trespassing if you ask permission?

1 comment:

LexySunshine said...

I will sing it ALL DAY long with you!!! I want to go out and play after work, i bought new shoes and everything!!!!