Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Yummy for my Tummy

I love Sixlets.
I love their chocolatey-candy-coated-yumminess.
(I know, this is a very random post. But I had to share with you how much I love Sixlets.)
They are that candy for me that I only buy when I see it, because otherwise they are forgettable--and underestimated.
My mom used to get these at the gas station when I was a little kid, and I would always think to myself "self, I should have picked those yummy looking Sixlets instead of m&m's". Not that I don't love m&m's, we have a very satisfying relationship, but it's just not they are just not Sixlets. AndSixlets are so HARD TO FIND!! Which probably plays into my love for them.
Thank god for Halloween and it's random candy finding goodness.
At first glance you might think "huh, aren't they basically round m&m's?"
No, my friends, they are NOT basically round m&m's. They are SIXLETS.
Yummy-for-my-tummy Sixlets.
No-I-will-not-share-with-you Sixlets.
They-are-MINE-ALL-MINE Sixlets.
(I need to find another hobby cuz this is getting a little ridiculous, don't you think?)
I'm sure you do. What is your NO-I-WILL-NOT-SHARE-WITH-YOU-MINE-ALL-MINE candy? I know you have one. What is it?


Glendy said...

organic chocolate. i hide it from my family. the only time i am alone is when i shower...so guess where i eat it?! IN THE SHOWER! sometimes i will take a shower just so i can eat a piece. lmao! i honestly don't think my husband even knows about that!

Heidi said...

You need to stock up on sixlets from the dollar store. They totally have lots there. I love my butterfingers. :)

Anonymous said...

Mine are Sixlets also, you better hide them better or they will be mine all mine...MUHAHAHA
signed a secret sixlets admirer.