Wednesday, October 22, 2008

TTD: Fall

Our first official TTD: Fall photo shoot was on the 11th and it was FANTASTIC! We had SO much fun. This was a favorite for many of the girls, the creative director and me. The models were shamelessly creative and amazing. I even got to shoot two new models! It was very exciting to experiment with them as well as the experienced girls.

We shot on a beautifully clear fall day at Legion Memorial Park in Everett. Even though it was sunny it was very chilly but the girls kept themselves warm by huddling together under a blanket (that is what you were doing under there, right ladies?) when they weren't climbing trees and laying in crunchy autumn leaves. We even had a minor disagreement with a train...well almost.

Here are a few pictures, you can find more over on flickr.

Okay, now head on over to flickr and check out the rest. (*insert shameless bid for attention here!)

p.s. I'm getting good at the bids for attention, I think.


Anonymous said...

Yay! I love them! I can't wait until TTD Fall shoot #2!

Anonymous said...

Your a genious Jefe

Juicey said...

Great stuff! I really enjoyed looking at all of your photos! Keep up the amazing work!