Monday, October 13, 2008

Wow how the last week has slipped thru my selfish, time wasting fingers. I promised the story of TTD: McCollum and I have not followed thru! My apologies.

The beautiful ladies featured below showed up in the pouring rain and about 50 degree weather, half dressed mind you, to allow me to take their picture. These are a bit more urban, dark and melancholy and quite different from the inaugural shoot, but I have gotten a lot of positive feedback from it.

In no way did the McCollum shoot resemble the shoot we originally planned, but a good time was had by all, I think (hope?). The girls were beautiful -- even soaked to the bone and they were real troopers thru the soggy ground and giant raindrops.

With the Pacific Northwest weather turn, the daylight changes as well. We lost light REALLY quickly and shot until we got flooded out. Literally. The creek rose and we ran!

And I found creativity in a very close, trusted friend who we jokingly refer to as my 'Creative Director' is no joke. Without her, half of the shots from TTD: McCollum would not be nearly as interesting as they are.

My heartfelt THANKS to everyone involved.

Next up: TTD Fall, shot at Legion Park and Marine Drive train tracks on Saturday, October 11th. Soon...I promise (but we know how that goes...)

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