Sunday, November 23, 2008

Kindergartners are Hilarious!
You can just never get enough, right?
I had the cutest little conversation with my pint sized cousins today. They are two vivacious little girls in kindergarten (hence, the title of this post--work with me here, OK? it's been a long weekend!). While eating birthday cake and ice cream at an aunt's house, I made small talk with the miniature beauties (let's call them H and J shall we?). I am SO glad I did. Here is how the conversation went.

Me: So, Girls, how is kindergarten?
J: Good. I love it.
H: Fun.
Me: Do you like your teachers?
J: Yes. She's nice.
H: No. She's mean.
Me: Ohhh. H, why is she mean?
H: Well, we have PE in the same room as lunch and we were doing PE. I like doing PE. We get to play lots of sports.
Me (encouragingly): Mmm hmmm.
H: Well...Here comes the "bad teacher" part. (yes, she actually did air quotes while rolling her bright blue eyes)

The conversation went for a little longer while I tried to sympathize without sounding condescending or like I was trying not to pee myself with laughter. They spend a good five minutes trying to teach me how to pronounce J's teacher's name, and J correcting H and me whenever we got it wrong. We never did get to the bad teacher part so I asked her.
Me: Hey, H. Why is she a bad teacher?
H: She just is. She tells us no a lot.

The whole time, J is just nodding her head like she knew this all along and agrees whole-heartedly with H.

I love having conversations with kindergartners. Everything is SO serious.

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sbarratt said...

H is a pretty funny kid... And J too. I had them over the other day and we went to pick some apples you would have thought i took them to Disneyland or something it was the most exciting thing ever. Sad they are growing up so fast....