Friday, November 21, 2008

Not Funny at All

Tonight was a rough night on the home front. The Girl is a tween, have I mentioned? And life with a tween is not easy going and while I am sure that most of what I experience is not mine alone, that there are others out there experiencing the same difficulties, I can't help but be afraid of how much worse it's going to get and wonder how to reign it in.*
*Boy, that got deeper and more serious than I intended, so now I'm a touch worried that this next part will come off as insensitive instead of funny as I originally intended. Well, at that risk here's how the conversation went this evening.

The Girl and I got in a pissing match for the umpteenth time and I lost my cool, sent her to her room and told her that when she stopped crying like I'd severed an arm she is more than welcome to come back down and talk to me rationally about the situation. She did.

Me: So, why do you feel the need to talk to me like that.
The Girl: I was just trying to talk to you about my feelings.
Me: that's good, but talking to me in that tone, only makes me mad.
The Girl: I wanted to get all my feelings out, Mom. I HAVE A LOT OF FEELINGS!

Yes, I stifled the laugh that almost burst from my lips, because if you could have seen the look on her face...well, anyway. Yes, for you uber-softies, we did talk it out rationally, but the pattern is frustrating. If you don't have a tween or have never had a tween or spent a lot of time with a tween, you won't fully comprehend. I assume it's a girl thing.

God help us.

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