Friday, November 28, 2008


It seems we have an overachiever in our midst.
Oh, yes, The Boy is officially in Stage Two of the McGlocklin/Bright Smart Ass Training Program. While The Girl exceeded our expectations, The Boy is a student to be reckoned with.
While letting the tryptophan sink into our blood after enjoying a deliciously sublime Thanksgiving dinner (that I didn't have to cook!) at my mom's house, The Boy was comatose intently watching Star Wars: The Clone Wars on the portable DVD player in the packed living room. Here is the conversation that was heard, gasped at, then laughed about afterward:

Beast: some Smart Ass comment intended to "test" The Boy's Smart Ass Training skills, a 'pop quiz' if you will. What it was, I really can't remember. It doesn't matter.
Me (looking at the Boy): Tell Daddy to "zip it" (after all, I am one of his Instructors in the Program).
The Boy: Bip It, Daddy!!!
Beast and the rest of the room gasp and laugh in stricken horror amazement at his skill level.
The Boy: Go Away! Out of Jacob's house! Go Away!

I have to say, while I KNOW we will regret this later, that kid was hilarious. We didn't see that coming AT ALL. This single dialogue skyrocketed him out of Stage One and straight to the middle of Stage Two of the McGlocklin/Bright Smart Ass Training Program. We really couldn't be more proud!

You may wonder where The Girl was during this exchange...she is bored with his progress as she is fully aware she has set the bar very high in this particular program. She challenges him to just try to reach it.

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Heather said...

Holly cow are you guys in for it! That was funny...who knows...maybe he'll grow up to be a comedian!?!