Monday, November 10, 2008


SIGH Picture that as a GIANT sigh of relief, breathe in, hold it and release. Ah. Feels good doesn't it?

Do you know what else feels good?
After over two weeks of relentless resume sending and job hunting with the occasional oh-god-there-is-nothing-out-there-for-me inner tantrums, I finally got a sliver of satisfaction today. I look forward to the experience on Thursday with fingers, toes and everything in between crossed that I at least interview well. That is not my forte, and it scares the hell out of me. But, my fantastic support system has my back all the way, this I know. So, onward and upward, right? Right. Heh!

In addition to the aforementioned sliver of satisfaction, I completed the editing of an important photo session tonight. I had the distinct pleasure of shooting the Saidy family a few weeks ago. This group was fantastic. Not only were they patient with me as I ran them back and forth across the crackly fall leaves of our neighborhood park, but they entertained me as well. They were a fun loving family, and you could tell by their constant banter that they are a tight knit group. There were a few family members missing, and this shoot was for one of them in particular. They all dressed up in Seahawks gear and gave me their best smiles, stories and, I meant laughter. Here, see for yourself:

(Polaroid effect courtesy of

(black and white, reduced saturation & added diffuse glow)

I hope they don't get mad that you got a sneak peek! They will get all their complete session tomorrow afternoon. I look forward to hearing what they think and shooting this family again.

Ahhh. Now onto the TTD Fall shoots that have not yet been completed. I thank my lovely models for their patience...and you...I know you want to see too.

Until then...


the 4 Bs said...

those are good looking photos. i think the family will love them.

good luck with your 'thing'. i'm going to be thinking postive thoughts for you!


Anonymous said...

Those are my pictures! That's what I want! Well, minus the Seahawks gear, but you know what I mean. Cross your fingers!


P.S. I finally commented!